Yorkshire Energy Park clearance works

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the Yorkshire Energy Park site, further clearance works will be undertaken in February, starting on Tuesday 14th February and lasting around two weeks in total, with intermittent activity on site. All works are expected to be completed by Friday 3rd March.

These works are to carefully clear vegetation, in line with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, to provide access to upgrade and install new stock proof fencing later in the year. The works will be overseen by an independent ecologist to ensure best practices are followed by contractors. Most activity will take place in the north west of the site, particularly around the site boundary – as seen on the map below.

Clearance work zones shown in yellow on the map.

All works will be undertaken in daytime hours using approved local contractors, with noise and traffic impacts kept to a minimum. Fencing and ecological works are planned to start in Summer 2023, prior to which local residents will be consulted.

If you have any queries about the works on site, please contact hello@yorkshire-energy-park.co.uk or 01482701251 where a member of the development team will be able to provide more detail.