A flagship development situated strategically in the UK’s energy estuary

Site maintenance and further survey works have now begun on the Yorkshire Energy Park site, with some investigative ecological and soil surveys taking place ahead of construction works beginning in Autumn/Winter 2022. See the latest information boards for more details.

The Yorkshire Energy Park is a new development located in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

This major strategic site is close to nationally important energy, sea, road and rail infrastructure with an international airport a short drive away.

It is an ideal location for businesses looking for power and data resilience, links to research and development, reinforced by an exceptionally strong transport infrastructure and access to a skilled workforce.

Close to the Humber, the UK’s Energy Estuary, the synergies with like-minded companies and infrastructure will be second to none for companies looking to thrive and grow.

The land is a former aerodrome site on the outskirts of Hull, within the village of Preston, to the west of Hedon and close to the villages of Paull and Thorngumbald.

The fundamental reason for this site is the presence, on the western side of Staithes Road, of a connection to the National Grid.

This site can offer clean, reliable energy, at significantly less cost than the market for on-site users; energy can also be sold back to the grid.

It is the only site on the north bank of the Humber where this grid connection exists with sufficient capacity for import/export of energy and where there is a piped natural gas fuel supply already on site.

The Yorkshire Energy Park has the potential to create approximately 4480 gross jobs.

Yorkshire Energy Park will be developed in a beautifully landscaped, low density and high quality setting incorporating:

  • An energy centre and primary substation, providing up to 9.9MW of on-site energy and up to 39Mw of off-site energy for export
  • 600 rack data centre (tier 3) and disaster recovery suite
  • A mixture of space for businesses, including incubator space for start up businesses and SME growth
  • A National Centre of Excellence for education, training and research facilities and associated on site, short stay accommodation
  • An outdoor building materials and testing facility
  • New sports facilities for the community
  • 45 hectares of green space, protected for 150 years as an ecologically enhanced area for protected species

A strategic development that will benefit our regional economy and drive innovation across the data, energy and education sectors

Innovative research and development campus

Innovative education space

Local labour ambition throughout construction

Local labour ambition throughout construction

Strategic employment site

Job creation